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Bloomingdale, NJ is a beautiful place to live with tree’s, mountains, and lush landscape. This is a wonderful place to live, but can be a significant place for pest problems. Some of the insect and rodent problems you will find in and around your home or business in Bloomingdale, NJ include Squirrels, carpenter ants, and cave crickets. Whether you live in a more city setting, or in the wooded area of Bloomingdale, NJ you may find yourself dealing with all these insects and rodents. To protect your Bloomingdale, NJ home or business from these pests you may need to hire a professional exterminator. Mrs.Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions is your affordable pest control and exterminator in Bloomingdale NJ.

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Carpenter Ant Control- Living in Bloomingdale NJ means being surrounded by trees, and woods. Carpenter Ants are a wood-destroying organism. Typically the ants look to invade structures and nest in damp, moist areas. High moisture content in basements and crawl spaces can lead to nests in your home. Keeping your foundation dry, and bushes cut back 2 to 3 feet from the foundation will help control these ants.

Cave Crickets- If you have damp basements and crawl spaces you have the dreadful cave cricket. Although these insects cause no damage to a structure, they can be scary and intimidating. Eliminating high moisture in basements by running a dehumidifier, and installing a vapor barrier in crawl spaces will reduce colonies of these creatures.

Paper Wasps, Bald-Faced Hornets, & Yellow Jackets- All 3 of these wasps can inflict a painful sting. In the spring paper wasps build their nests, in hollow fence tubes, above garage doors, and around roofs. Bald-faced hornets build on peaks of roofs, in tree’s, and bushes. Yellow Jackets use old rodent cavities in the ground, and look for the entrance into a home around water spigots, and sill plate area’s.

Odorous House Ants- Typical nuisance ant that we receive a ton of calls for. This ant does not destroy wood. It does however nest indoors, and their colonies can range in the thousands. This ant requires professional help from a qualified extermination company.

Mice & Rats- Living in a country setting such as Bloomingdale NJ poses a threat for rodents to enter your home. Pest Control is essential to rid these small rodents once they enter the structure. Mice and rats look to enter through exterior pipe chases around water spigots, air condition lines, and electrical boxes. Once inside their droppings become a health concern. Location entry points and closing them is critical in eliminating mice and rats.

Squirrels, Bats, & Nuisance Wildlife- All of these pests are a main concern in Bloomingdale NJ. Bats seek shelter and roost in attic’s, soffits, and dormers. Their guano and urine can leave a distinct smell and should be handled by a professional. Squirrels look for entry points as the weather turns cold. Grey, red, and flying squirrels are typically the three species in your area. Other nuisance wildlife are skunks, wood chucks, raccoons, and opossum’s. These animals can become a potential problem around homes in yards, and in structures.