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Pest Control & Extermination Services in Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

Exterminator Saddle Brook NJ Pest ControlMrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions has been servicing Saddle Brook NJ, and all of Northern New Jersey for over 20 years. We are members of the New Jersey Pest Management Association and serve your community daily. Whether your dealing with Snakes, Skunks, Woodchucks, Raccoons, Bats, Ants, Wasps, Roaches, Bedbugs, Mice, Rats, Chipmunks, Spiders, Cave Crickets, Carpenter Bees, Flying Squirrels, Woodpeckers, we have the solution for you. We are #1 for pest control Saddle Brook NJ.

Listed below are the different insects and rodents that affect Saddle Brook NJ.

Nuisance Wildlife Control- Skunks, Woodchucks, Raccoons, Squirrels, and Bats can become a problem when they decide to make their home in your house, or on your property. In the pest control industry we call them rogue animals. They have moved from the wild and decided to use your attic, or under your shed to build their den or nest. At that point they become a nuisance pest. Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions uses a combination of traps and exclusion techniques to rid your property of these unwanted guests.

Exterminator Saddle Brook NJ Pest Control Wood-Destroying Insects- Carpenter Ants, Termites, & Carpenter Bee’s all fall under this category. Spring, Summer, & early Fall your home can be under attack from these bugs. Carpenter Ants & Termites thrive in damp humid conditions and wood. Once they have entered the home they can destroy sill plates and joists in basements. Carpenter Bee’s look like overgrown Bumble Bee’s. They look to bore holes in wooden decks, log homes, and Fascia boards on your home. All 3 of these insects should be treated by a licensed professional in the pest control industry. Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions is your trusted source for pest control Saddle Brook NJ.

Occasional Invaders- Odorous House Ants, Pavement Ants, Stink Bugs, & Cave Crickets. These insects fall under our occasional invader category. They don’t pose a threat to the structure of your home. However, once they are inside they become a nuisance. Small ants feed on greases, sugars, and carbs in your kitchen. These ants can nest under basement slabs, or radiant heat slabs. Stink Bugs seek shelter when the nights start to turn cold in early September. They overwinter in your attic, crawlspaces, and emerge in the spring around interior window frames. Cave crickets prefer damp, humid, crawl spaces, or basements. Airflow, dehumidifiers, and Pesticides will eradicate Cave Crickets. Its best to consult a professional for these types of services.