Flying Squirrel Removal

Do You Need Flying Squirrel Removal?

More than often as October rolls around, our office starts receiving calls from homeowners that are hearing noises in their attics. After our office staff asks all the important questions, we send a qualified technician to inspect and identify the problem. Identifying flying squirrel droppings is critical in the inspection process.

Locating entry points where the flying squirrels are entering is another important step in the inspection. Key areas of inspection are chimney area flashing, dormer's, fascia boards, and gutter lines. After we identify these areas, we install one-way release valve doors over those entry points. These doors will allow the flying squirrels to exit the structure, but not re-enter. All of our exclusion services are backed by full warranties. Our certified wildlife technicians have been providing these types of services for 25 years, not all pest control companies are the same.

Can homeowners take care of flying squirrels?

Getting rid of flying squirrels from your house can be done by yourself. Items needed are, hardware cloth, drill, screws, fender washers, and a 28 to 32-foot extension ladder. Make sure that someone supports the ladder from the ground when working on extension ladders. Be sure to not miss any openings that are as small as a quarter. Flying squirrels can fit through the smallest of openings. Active entry points will have black rub marks from the flying squirrel fur.

Professional Service vs DIY

Flying Squirrel removal is possible, but can have some challenges for a homeowner. High ladder work is dangerous. Without proper safety equipment. Mrs.Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions has been providing flying squirrel removal to Wayne NJ, and surrounding area's for 25 years. After you inspect your house, weigh the options of doing it yourself, or hiring a professional.

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