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Having rats or mice in your home can be extremely distressing and pose serious health risks. Rodents are known to carry various disease-causing pathogens that can harm human health. To safeguard yourself from this issue, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a trustworthy and proficient rat exterminator. Mrs. Bzzz Pest Control, recognized as the top rodent exterminator in north New Jersey, can help. We are pleased to offer our expertise and assess the situation at your home.

If you suspect you have a mouse, rat or rodent problem in your home don’t panic call Mrs Bzzz today and we will take care of your mice or rat problems. We provide safe and effective mice and rat control solutions.

Common Signs Of A Mice, Rat and Rodent Infestation

  • You see mice, rats or other rodents
  • Droppings are found in cabnets, pantries or near baseboards
  • You may hear scratching in the walls or coming from ceilings
  • Electrical wires, trash cans or other objects have chew markings

How Did Rodents Get In My Home?

Mice have the ability to enter your living space, including homes, condos, and apartments, by passing through even the smallest cracks and holes, with an opening as small as a dime. Rats, on the other hand, being larger, require bigger entry points to gain access. Both mice and rats require access to food, water, and warmth to survive. During the cold weather in areas like New Jersey and New York, rodents tend to seek out shelter in warm places. Once inside, with access to food, water, and warmth, they can reproduce at a rapid pace.

Why Is It So Hard To Rid My Home of Mice and Rats?

Mice and rats are speedy creatures, making it challenging to catch them. Rats, in particular, are naturally cautious of new objects in their surroundings, such as traps and bait. While there are various repellents available to combat rodents, their effectiveness is marginal at best. To eradicate rodents, it's crucial to identify and seal off all entry points, followed by the use of rodenticides and snap traps. As rodents can pose significant health risks, you should seek assistance from Mrs. Bzzz Pest Control. We are a professional pest control company with decades of experience in rodent control and extermination

Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions For Controlling Mice & Rats:

  • Our Homecare Plus is our number one service for eliminating & controlling rodents.
  • This program gives you protection against mice & rats and several other insects.
  • Service starts with a detailed inspection of the home, then rodenticides and snap traps are used to correct the rodent problem. Seal up of minor openings are performed where rodents may be entering.

For the fastest service, call our rodent control experts in Wayne, NJ, or the surrounding area today at (877) Mrs-Bzzz.

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