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Moorestown Pest Control Services

Nestled within Burlington County, Moorestown, NJ, offers a perfect blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility. Situated as an eastern suburb of Philadelphia and nestled in the heart of South Jersey, this township boasts both convenience and natural beauty. Its position within the South Jersey region and proximity to Philadelphia make Moorestown an ideal place for those seeking a harmonious balance between city life and a serene residential atmosphere.

At Mrs. Bzzz, we take pride in serving Moorestown's vibrant community, extending our expert pest control services to both homeowners and businesses. As a locally owned and operated company by fellow New Jersey residents, we understand the unique pest challenges faced in the area. With a reputation as a top-rated New Jersey pest company, we bring not only extensive knowledge but also a deep commitment to delivering effective solutions for a pest-free environment.

Our services are firmly grounded in the principles of Integrity & Accountability. With over 25 years of experience, Mrs. Bzzz has earned its place as a trusted name in pest control. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every customer becomes part of the Mrs. Bzzz family, which now includes over 2000 Homecare customers. We value your time and guarantee punctuality, because your satisfaction is our priority. Join us in experiencing reliable, honest, and effective pest control, backed by decades of expertise and an unwavering dedication to serving Moorestown and its residents.

Reasons to Choose Mrs. Bzzz as Your Trusted Partner

When it comes to pest control needs in Moorestown, there are several compelling reasons to choose Mrs. Bzzz as your trusted partner:

  1. Quick Service Available: We understand that dealing with pests requires prompt attention. Our efficient scheduling system ensures that you receive quick and timely service, minimizing the impact of pests on your home and peace of mind.
  2. American-Made Products: We take pride in supporting local industries. All our products are sourced from reputable American manufacturers, ensuring that you receive effective and safe solutions that adhere to rigorous quality standards.
  3. Experienced Staff: With Mrs. Bzzz, you're in the hands of seasoned professionals. Our staff members possess extensive experience and are well-versed in the nuances of pest behavior and control strategies, allowing them to deliver tailored solutions for your unique needs.
  4. Clean, Uniformed Trucks: Our professionalism extends to every aspect of our service. Our clean and well-maintained trucks, along with our uniformed technicians, reflect our commitment to maintaining a high standard of quality and presentation.
  5. 4-Hour Appointment Windows: We respect your time and schedule. Our 4-hour appointment windows ensure that you're not left waiting for hours on end. When we say we'll be there, we mean it.
  6. High-Quality Products: We believe in using the best tools for the job. Our pest control treatments are based on high-quality products that are both effective and  provide lasting solutions.

By choosing Mrs. Bzzz, you're not only selecting a reliable pest control service but also opting for a comprehensive and customer-centric approach that values your time, safety, and comfort above all else.

Learn more about our individual pest services:

  • Ant Control - Dealing with ant invasions? Our specialized ant control treatments are tailored to Moorestown's unique needs. Whether it's common house ants or persistent carpenter ants, we have you covered. Our methods focus on locating and eliminating ant colonies at their source, ensuring long-lasting relief. With Burlington County's climate providing favorable conditions for ants, our expertise will keep your home ant-free.
  • Mice and Rat Extermination - Mice and rats can disrupt your peace of mind and property. Our experienced team employs proven techniques to efficiently remove these unwanted guests. Our strategies encompass thorough inspections, targeted baiting, and sealing entry points to prevent future infestations. Living in Moorestown, you're no stranger to these rodents; let us restore comfort to your home.
  • Wasp and Hornet Nest Removal - Wasp and hornet nests near your home can be a real danger. Our safe and effective removal methods ensure that these stinging insects are eliminated without posing a threat to your family. Our localized approach is a must, especially considering the Burlington County climate that these insects thrive in.
  • Mosquito Protection - Moorestown's warmer months can bring an influx of mosquitoes. Our mosquito protection plans provide relief from these bothersome pests. Through regular treatments targeting breeding areas, we ensure your outdoor space is a haven, not a mosquito haven.
  • Termite Control and Treatment - Termites can wreak havoc on your property's structure. Our comprehensive termite control and treatment plans offer proactive solutions. Given Burlington County's climate, where termites are a constant threat, our specialized approach will safeguard your investment.
  • Bed Bug Infestation Treatment - Bed bug infestations can be a nightmare. Our expert technicians employ effective methods that include thorough inspections, targeted treatments, and guidance on preventing re-infestations. In Moorestown, where bed bugs can thrive, our expertise will restore your peaceful sleep.
  • Silverfish Control - Silverfish can damage belongings and thrive in humid conditions like those of Burlington County. Our detailed approach includes assessing conducive conditions, treating affected areas, and offering preventive strategies to keep these pests at bay.
  • Flea Control - Fleas can disrupt your home, especially if you have pets. Our tailored flea control measures include thorough inspections, targeted treatments, and guidance on maintaining a flea-free environment. Given Moorestown's climate, our services will ensure your furry friends and your home stay flea-free.

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Our Customers Love Us

Our customers are truly the heart of our success, and their love and satisfaction fuel our commitment to excellence. We are humbled by the 5-star reviews and positive feedback we consistently receive. It's the trust they place in us that drives our passion to deliver effective pest control solutions. We're not just here to eliminate pests; we're here to create a pest-free environment where our customers can live comfortably. Your support inspires us to continuously improve and exceed your expectations.

Ryan W.
2 days ago

I had my first service today with Mrs. Bzzz. Brian the tech and owner arrived exactly on time, and was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The service was completed quickly and the pricing was fair. Very happy…I highly recommend Brian and Mrs. Bzzz.

Carol Mitarotonda
a week ago

Brian was fabulous . got right to the problem and took the hive right out of the wall.

Diane Politano
2 weeks ago

I called them yesterday and they came this morning to remove a bee hive in my tree, their service was exceptional, very professional, friendly, and on time, I am so glad I called them, I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you Mrs. Bzzz!!

David Spinelli
2 weeks ago

We were very pleased with their service. Brian was very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. We highly recommend this company.

Richard Mirande
2 weeks ago

After getting stung several times I knew this was not going to work for me. I was having issues with ground bees as well a nest within the eve of my house. I called Mrs. Buzz and their quick response was reassuring. They arrived on time and were very professional. They treated the nests and my house and property where the bees usually are. Within hours the ground bees were gone and the next day the ones in the eve were gone as well. Extremely satisfied with the service!

Sam Papasavas
3 weeks ago

Very accommodating by coming same day to completely take care of a yellow jacket hive. The entire process and our options were explained thoroughly. Would definitely use again and recommend.

Danielle Adorno
3 weeks ago

Mrs.bzzz is fantastic. We had a wasp issue and the first round took care of 95% of the issue but after a week we were still getting some bees in the house. It was so simple to reschedule another treatment. I definitely think this will take care of the issue! They are super responsive and very effective at what they do!

Susan Stoltenberg
a month ago

We really liked our technician Nick he was pleasant, professional and informative. We felt badly that he got stung though.

John Levison
a month ago

Had an issue with bees in my siding and they did an excellent job getting rid of them, it’s been almost 24 hours and the bees are pretty much gone