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Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions is a medium sized pest control company that provides service to Somerset County NJ. We can handle any pest control problem in Bound Brook NJ. We provide service for the following insects and rodents such as, carpenter ants, small ants, cave crickets, stink bugs, spiders, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bed bugs, fleas, mice, rats, bats, and squirrels. We provide annual programs, as well as one time services to customers in Bound Brook NJ. Mrs.Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions is the highest rated pest control provider in NJ.

pest control in Bound Brook NJ

pest control in Bound Brook NJ

Listed below are the insects and rodents that will affect Bound Brook NJ

Carpenter Ant Control – Carpenter Ants are wood destroying organisms that infest homes in New Jersey. These types of ants are black and usually look to infest moist, damp wood. Typical outbreaks start in May and June. These ants will also nest inside wall voids in fall and winter too. Mrs.Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions will precisely place a combination of gel baits, and non-repellent products in targeted areas to eliminate and control carpenter ants.

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Small Ant Extermination – Odorous House Ants are a small nuisance ant. They have very large colonies that nest under basement slabs, near heat and water sources. Once they are inside the home they look for food sources in your kitchen. This ant is extremely difficult to control, and in most cases require more then one treatment. The products that homeowners buy over the counter provide little to no control.

Cave Cricket Control – Cave Crickets also called (Camel Crickets or Spider Crickets) are basement and crawl space dwellers. These insects are associated with damp, humid, dark areas. If basements flood, and have sump pits that are exposed to dirt, cave crickets will breed in these areas. Focus on eliminating them should be on removing humidity, closing up and sealing any areas that are open to dirt. We have a very good proven method and product that we use for cave crickets.

Stink Bugs Elimination & Control – This insect becomes a nuisance because it looks to overwinter for shelter in late summer to fall. When they get inside the attic, they will emerge on warmer days starting in the spring. We eliminate stink bugs by placing a product in your attic, and focusing on treating the upper thirds of the house. It is important to have your house treated on a regular service interval for this insect. Mrs.Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions has been providing pest control in Bound Brook NJ for over 20 years.

Spider Control – Spiders can become a problem in NJ when they build webs in summer on decks and in basements. Majority of spiders in NJ are harmless. Most spiders you will encounter in homes are wolf spiders. Removing clutter, having your home de-webbed, and having the home treated professionally with Demand CS will reduce spiders around the perimeter of your home.

pest control in Bound Brook NJ

pest control in Bound Brook NJ

Paper Wasp Extermination- Early summer paper wasp nests start forming under pool ledges, deck railings, and garage door overhangs. These wasps can inflict a painful sting. Part of our Homecare Package includes treating for wasps preventing them from building.

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Hornet Control- Hornets build basketball size nests in trees, bushes, and on the structures of homes. Nests peak from July through September. This stinging insect should be handled by a professional company that has the proper equipment to treat for them.

Yellow Jacket Pest Control & Extermination- Yellow Jackets typically build nests inside wall voids of houses and in the ground. At peak capacity these nests can range in the thousands. For over 20 years Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions has treated hundreds of these types of nests. If you notice discolor on your sheetrock and a buzzing noise, it is possible that a void nest has formed.

Flea Pest Control- If you have cats or dogs, its more then likely that one time in their lifespan they will get fleas. Should your animal get fleas there is no need to panic. First have the animal treated professionally by your veterinarian. Once the animal is treated it is important to have the house treated with an insect growth inhibitor, and a residual product that is labeled to kill adults.

Mouse & Rat Pest Control- When the weather gets cold, mice and rats look for shelter inside homes and buildings. To prevent them from entering structures, homeowners should use a checklist each year at the end of the summer. Check all entry points and seal around the home such as air condition lines, water spigots, and gas lines. Make sure all bird feeders are placed at least 50 feet away from the house. If the homeowner has a dog, ensure that droppings are picked up frequently. Doing this every year will likely help in the prevention of small rodents from entering your home.

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