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Listed below you will find the different pests that affect Sussex County:

Small Ants - Odorous House Ants, and pavement ants are one of the biggest nuisance insects that we receive calls for. These small ants become a big annoyance in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. However, these ants do not do damage like their partners the black carpenter ant. Their colonies can be very large in size, and we receive calls from them all year-long. We get rid of these small ants for good, and keep them away. To learn more about our small ant services and pest control Sussex County NJ click here.

Termites - Termites correspondingly cause more damage than floods and tornado's every year to homeowners around the country. Sussex County NJ is no different. These insects seek entry into your home in search of wood. We offer termite and pest control Sussex County NJ. In conclusion, if you suspect you have a termite issue call us immediately for an inspection. Learn more about these services by clicking here.

Black Carpenter Ant - The exterminators at Mrs. Bzzz offer one-time pest control services, and annual service plans for the black carpenter ant. They are an ant that will do damage to your wood. Sussex County NJ is home to these big black ants that love to nest in your trees around the house, and woodpiles. To learn more about carpenter ants in Sussex click here.

Carpenter Bees - April and May mean pest control in Sussex County NJ for these wood bees. The ugly staining on your siding can be prevented. We get rid of the bees for good with our maintenance programs. In addition, we also offer one time pest control services as well. Contact one of our exterminators today to learn more.

Bed Bugs - "Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite." These insects can be carried into your house, they are called hitchhikers for a reason. Not to mention they transmit no known disease, however they do leave blotchy red marks on some individuals. We at Mrs. Bzzz are trained exterminators to look for signs of staining on, and around your mattress. To learn more about bed bugs click here.

Stinging Insects - When it comes to stinging insects the professionals so we can respond to your needs fast. Importantly, same day service is available in most cases. We provide pest control services for wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. These types of services should be left to professional exterminators. To learn more about the different species of wasps and bees click here.

Mice & Rats - When the cold weather rolls around, mice and rats seek shelter from the elements. The problem is they seek shelter in your home or place of business. Equally important, they can enter through holes the size of a dime. Mice not only produce at a rapid rate but reproduce every eighteen days. To learn more about rodents click here.

Camel Crickets - We offer pest control services to get rid of these scary insects. Extermination of cave crickets is achieved by doing a thorough inspection of your property. We offer pest control in Sussex County NJ and the surrounding counties. To learn more click here.

If you have a pest control problem in Sussex County NJ, call the exterminators Mrs. Bzzz Pest & Termite Solutions Today.

We currently provide services the following cities in Sussex County NJ: Stanhope, Hopatcong, Andover, Newton, Sparta, Stillwater, Augusta, Lafayette, Ogdensburg, Franklin, Stockholm, Hamburg, Branchville, Sussex, Highland Lakes, Vernon, Sussex, Glenwood.